Name: Amy Yastremski
Height: 5ft 4in
Husband: Jeff Yastremski
Daughter: McKenzie Grayce Yastremski
Son: Beckett Jaxson Yastremski

I'm a 30+ year old Mother of two beautiful children,the Wife of the Best Husband a Women could ask for, an Emergency Room Nurse and I'm also a NPC Figure Competitor Champion.. I have always lead a Healthy lifestyle and worked out for the better part of 10 years now,I also had a desire to compete but I had such Low self-Esteem and I also a very shy person so the thought of getting on stage in just a Bikini scared the hell out of me.Then after the birth of my first child Mckenzie I headed back to the gym, my husband had found me a great Trainer ( Kisha Wilson) to start my Journey towards trying to compete at my first NPC Show.I knew it was going to be hard but I never could have imagined how rewarding this journey was going to be.So nearing the fall of 2010 I was fast approaching my first show I was in need of a Posing Coach so my husband Jeff began looking and he found me the BEST Posing Coach in the business (Quincy Roberts). He agreed to work with us and I could not have done any of this without his help.. So here we are at my first show the MID-Atlantic Classic in downtown Charlotte NC..there I was on stage in the smallest bikini you could imagine holding up my first Trophy for Winning my Class, and also that same night I Was Crowned the Overfill Figure Champion, and because of Quincys training I was also Awarded the MAX Muscle Best Presentation award for that show..there I was this women who had very Low-self Esteem,and Very shy standing in a Bikini on Stage in front of a bunch of strangers holding up 3 Trophy's and getting my pic taken with Jay Cutler.It was a very proud moment as well as a Very Huge accomplishment for me.since then I have competed in numerous other shows and done really well.Now after just giving birth to our second child Beckett I'm heading down this journey again of competing and Winning my ProCard... I just wanted to take the time to Thank Most of All my Biggest fan and My Best My Husband Jeff Yastremski, thank you and I love you,, and also want to thank Kisha, Quincy. and my friends and family who have helped and supported me in my Journey.. and a special Thanks also to Jeff Johnson for running my website and all the nerding things needed to run it...

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